Why is it Important to Live a Natural Lifestyle??

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by Ananta Hemp Works

Vol No. 14 | January 10th 2023


Have you ever thought about it, the extent of damage you’re doing to your body almost daily?
Or are you still looking for the answers to your varied health pattern when the answer is right in front of your eyes??

healthy lifestyle

Here is an insight into the importance of a natural lifestyle and the contribution emp can make to it!

It’s the beginning of a new year, new season, new ways and new prospects, but are you still stuck with the old lifestyle and the same old baggy diseases? Most often your lives are just packed with too many happenings that we compromise what is most easy to slack off at, your daily routine leading to haywire in your lifestyle. You undoubtedly know when your health isn’t at its best. Possibly all you feel is “off.” You might notice that you’re run down, that your digestion isn’t working as effectively as it usually does, and that you keep getting colds.

Mentally, you might discover that you have trouble focusing and experience anxiety or depression. The good news is that leading a healthy lifestyale can improve your mood. And you don’t have to change everything about your life overnight. A few little modifications you can make to boost your well-being are rather simple to implement. And when you implement one change, your success may spur you on to implement further constructive changes.

Nature to backup

According to Ayurveda, the body and the elements surrounding us are all composed of Panchamahabhuta or five elements, namely air, water, fire, earth and space. The various fluctuations in these innate elements and their compositions in the body are the basic underlying cause of all systemic ailments. Since nature is composed of these five elements, the same components of nature can be effectively used to restore the balance of the body. Thus achieving homeostasis.

natural medicine

Hemp to restore your balance

To imbibe an optimal natural lifestyle, diet and regimen are the key factors that need to be taken into consideration.

In terms of nutrients, hemp seeds are the most important part of the plant. The husk is optional while eating the seeds. They can also be converted into milk that mirrors soy milk. Hemp seed oil can be used in cooking, just like olive oil, it can be sprinkled on dishes. There are even supplements manufactured from hemp seed if you want to add some of the wonderful health benefits of hemp to your diet.

Vitamins, minerals, and other compounds included in hemp seeds may provide significant health benefits. For example, hemp oil has a significant amount of vitamin E, which is beneficial for preserving the health of your immune system. Additionally, it serves as an antioxidant, aiding in the decrease of potentially harmful reactive oxygen species.

Ananta Hemp Works

Here at Ananta Hemp Works we bring about the goodness of the master herb, hemp to our customers to achieve a better means of livelihood.

Hemp Hearts are the best source of plant-based protein and it has wholesome nutrition with all essential components in one pack


  • All-round nutrition
  • Rich in plant protein and other essential amino acids
  • Promotes cell growth and regeneration
  • Enhances and Regulates optimal immune responses
  • Anti-inflammatory


Sprinkle, mix, or blend, hemp hearts are the perfect nutritious magic to any dish or beverage.


Treatment of depression & sleeplessness with

CannaEase Sleepwell


  • Shankha vati 250 mg Twice in A Day with Lukewarm water after food.
  • Gokshuradi kwath-10ml with 10ml of water before food, Twice in A Day.
  • Canna Ease™ Sleep well 5 Drops sublingual Twice in A Day.
  • BRAHMI Vati 2-tab HS (before sleep).
  • As per his dominant dosha and prakriti, the patient was advised to follow strict diet and life style routine.


We made a call after 10 days of first prescription, there is highly significant improvement in sleep quality and stress management. He told us that he stopped sleeping pills and antidepressant medications as he already taken which he is taking from very long period of time (since 1988).

  • Reduce the imbalance in sleep – wake cycle.
  • Reduce fatigue and tiredness.


By the administration of Brahmi Vati and Canna Ease Sleep Well, the patient responded impressively to the treatment, and his problems were greatly reduced. By taking the drug for a month, he was able to get about 70% more sleep and his lethargy and exhaustion were completely gone.

The result was found to be because of improved endocrine functions, including circadian rhythm that were brought back to normalcy. We have determined that the CannaEase Sleep Well exhibits a catalytic effect with the Brahmi Vati in this instance.

Dr. Prerna Chaudhary

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Dr. Prerna Chaudhary

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