The Rise of Hemp Products in India

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Vol No. 13 | December 10th 2022

The Rise Of Hemp Products In India

Up until a few years ago, hemp was a herb under much dismay. Here is to the role of Ananta Hemp Works in uplifting the potential of this wonder herb!

Hemp Plant

Until recently, hemp and its products were only available to the Western market, and even if they were available in India, they were always associated with drug abuse.

India’s hemp industry is booming, and a new generation of entrepreneurs is prepared to face challenges and place large bets on the adaptable plant by developing cutting-edge goods that perfectly capture the healthcare trend.

Need of Hemp In Our Lives

As a comprehensive plant-based protein, hemp is nutritious. Hemp is being used as one of the greatest protein replacements for non-vegetarian food due to the widespread movement known as veganism. It is allergen-free and contains the optimal ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids for human health.
When people started looking for information about food, nutrition, alternative medical treatments, and therapeutic goods that would alleviate problems with anxiety, pain relief, and other efficient solutions for the body, mind, and soul, that’s when the astonishing features of Cannabis sativa became known to the general public.

Apart from its nutritive coefficient, hemp is rich in anti-aging, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory action and thus very effective in curing many systemic ailments and their associated complaints. Its rich content of fatty acids also helps to impart tissue regeneration, growth, and development most naturally.

Apart from this, hemp is one herb whose potential is highly acclaimed in Ayurvedic classical texts for its extensive properties.

Hemp helps optimise the functioning of all three bodily entities. Its hot potency (Ushna Virya) helps relieve Vata accumulation, while its astringent taste (Kashaya Rasa) normalises the Kapha entity. Its sharp penetrating (Tiksha Guna) action maintains the equatorial function of the Pitta and thus an effective digestive mechanism.

Ananta Hemp Skincare

Ananta and Its Role in Hemp Industry

Hemp and its products were heavily criticized in the market up until a few years ago, when Ananta Hemp Works was capable of knocking down the social stigma and promoting the benefits of this wonder herb among the general population.

Ananta, a 2020 startup, has established a reputation for innovation and a distinctive business strategy in the hemp sector. Our goal was to reintroduce civilization to hemp, the most adaptable herb mankind has seen, whose values had been lost over

We arrived with revolutionary ventures aimed at providing hemp-based wellness and nutrition combined with the foresight of Ayurveda at a cost accessible to all. We have undertaken a groundbreaking journey and are now one of the most trusted hemp sources in the country.

Ananta Hemp Works

Some Revolutionary Hemp Products

Ananta Hemp Works has successfully incorporated this unique herb with the immense possibilities of Ayurveda to yield the best possible results for our customers. Apart from this, we have also come up with a sub-brand, IMROZ, to help you attain beauty and wellness simultaneously.

1. Hemp Hearts

The Hemp Hearts, with their nutty flavor, are a great option for regular consumption. It helps with weight management while improving digestion. This is rich in plant-based proteins and omegas, which improve metabolism. Further, it helps in improving the skin metabolism and assists in preventing the formation of diabetic eczema. Hemp is potent and rich in fibre content, which helps reduce the possibility of bowel distress.

2. Hemp Seed Oil

The cold-pressed Hemp Seed Oil can be used both internally and externally. It helps improve cardiovascular health. Its strong anti-inflammatory action enhances skin lustre and may reduce the occurrence of cognitive snags like seizures. It is rich in anti-aging properties. Hemp Seed Oil helps give relief from chronic pains as it enhances cellular rejuvenation and regeneration.

Hemp hearts (hemp seeds)
Hemp seed oil


Treating Vaginal Infection with

Trailokya Vijaya Vati

Trailokya vijaya vati
  • Treatment: A combination of Panchamrit parpati, Sootshekhar ras, and Lakshmi Vilasa ras was given along with Grahayantik syrup after food. Pushyanuga churna and Sitopaladi churna were advised to be consumed once daily. 2 tablets of Niyamit were advised to take at night. 1 tablet of Trailokya vijaya vati was given twice a day. Vaginal wash with Triphala kwath once a day was also prescribed.
  • Outcome: As expected, the patient got 70 percent relief from vaginal discharge and itching after a few weeks of internal and external treatment. Burning sensation and body aches were considerably reduced. Hunger and sweating were gone back to normal levels, and the disruptions in the sleep pattern were resolved. With the prescribed medication and a few lifestyle changes, the anxiety levels were shown a substantial drop. The patient is advised a few more weeks of treatment, aiming for complete relief.
  • Conclusion: Chaining the increased pitta is a bit challenging, but not impossible. When it is associated with a notoriously vitiated Apana vata, it could be complicated. Most of the medicines given to the said patient, like Pushyanuga churna, Triphala churna, sootashekhar ras, and Lakshmi Vilas ras are famed for either tridosha samana or pittashamana alone and help in reducing the elevated pitta levels while rectifying the symptoms. Vaginal itching is a result of Kapha dosha vitiation, and medicines like sitopaladi churna were given to relieve Kapha. Trailokya Vijaya Vati is potent medicine for calming the nerves and reducing stress and anxiety.

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