Ayurvedic Detoxification: Cleansing the Mind and Body in the Natural Way

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Vol No. 20 | July 11th 2023

Have you wondered about those methods that can help you from the inside out? Don’t you think your body and mind also deserve their quota of happiness?
Here’s what you can do best for your body, a perfect cleanse with the power of Ayurveda!


Our body is exceptionally intelligent and devoted to us. Every single day, it processes a variety of materials, discriminating out what is healthy for you from what is not, only taking in what is good for your health and pushing all the unnecessary wilts, and then performing its best to get rid of any possibly hazardous substances along with eliminating its regular waste products of metabolism.

While today, a never-ending stream of stimuli bombard our bodies from all directions, including environmental contaminants, pollution, chemical-laden foods, unhealthy eating patterns, unsettled emotions, emotional strain, and anxiety to ention a few. We inevitably acquire some level of poison while trying to “digest” it all, and over time, this toxicity can amass in the body, getting lodged in the tissues, and negatively impacting our health.

This negative impact on our health often surfaces as various physical and mental torments in the name of diseases. From gut irritations, skin blemishes, and general debility to often complications to the internal organ or organ system, they affect the body in the most drastic and painful ways.

Had you thought the consequences would be this grave?
Now what can be done about this?
How can we protect our homes!?

Fortunately, you can do something to give your body time to recover. To allow the body to rest, recover, and mend itself, an Ayurvedic cleansing is designed to reduce the complexity of contaminants affecting the body. Amazingly, your body will quickly take advantage of the gap in the barrage of harmful inputs to perform some extremely thorough cleaning.


The act of Cleaning is regarded as a crucial component of the Ayurvedic lifestyle, with significant potential for increased vitality, toughness, and immunity as well as a revitalized joy of life, Ayurveda recommends timely cleansing according to the physiological and pathological aggravation of innate entities called dosha.

The cleanse begins relaxing and cleaning the digestive system, the Agni or the digestive fire and further tackles all the deranged entities.

According to Ayurveda the Panchakarma or the five methods of internal purification are, Vamana (stipulated emesis), Virechana (stipulated purgation), Vasti (medicated enema), Nasya (Nasal administration of medication), and Rakta Moksha (bloodletting therapy). These therapies are used to eliminate corresponding variations in Vata, Pitta and Kapha, the three entities of the body.



The cleanse or detox necessary for your body can only be diagnosed and interpreted by an Ayurvedic healthcare provider. Yet most commonly they may be detox cycles of 7 days, 14 days or 21-day routine. Each detox includes four phases, such as Stage of preparation, Stage of Active cleanse, Stage of reintroduction and Stage of rejuvenation. Although there is specified timeliness for physiological detox according to the predominance of dosha, you may schedule your detox after checking with your Ayurvedic physician.


A mental cleanse has similar goals to a seasonal eliminative cleanse including helping to restore the balance of the doshas, nourishing tissues, and clearing channels. In particular, mental or cognitive detox strengthens Ojas, the coefficient of innate immunity, and nourishes Majja Dhatu, most highly correlated as nerve tissue. Additionally, it purifies the mental channel, Mano vaha srotas.

Unlike physical detox, mental detox does not have specified therapies. The mode of administration of medication, its applications and timeliness depend from person to person and according to the need of the patient.

Shirovasti, Shirotaroana, Nasya, and Shirodhara are some methods that are used locally over the head for mental relaxation. Often they are included among the therapies that are employed for mental detox.


Now that the accumulated toxins in your body have been removed, it’s time to rejuvenate. Here is where the mysterious power of Ayurvedic herbs comes to play. Among the multitude of potent herbs, Hemp is one such potent magical herb that encapsulates rejuvenation processes.

Ananta Hemp Works concentrates on offering its customers the best lifestyle, wellness, and nutrition-focused products to increase the appeal of this wonder herb, hemp.

Hemp seeds, known as Vijaya in Sanskrit, are nutrient-rich and adaptable. It helps to soothe the aggravated Vata entity because of its sweet flavour and sweet metabolic action (Madhura Vipaka). It has been shown that it balances the Pitta entity as well. When treating uterine diseases, this trait is quite helpful. On the other side, its incredible penetrating power helps to cut through fat layers and enhance metabolism, thus normalising the Kapha entity. Its fiery power aids in bringing other metabolic processes and the Kapha entity back to normal while also helping to hone the digestive fire. Thus this simple herb helps to balance all three humours of the body and leads to ultimate rejuvenation.

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