How Can Hemp Save the Earth?

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by Ananta Hemp Works

Vol No. 9 | August 10th 2022


How hemp can save earth

Are you looking forward to the immense possibilities of hemp in our society? Here is the perfect route to understanding its goodness!

Here is the herb of the future, the perfect combo of health and wellness with the equitation of Hemp and Ayurveda!!

Hemp is one miraculous herb used extensively in the present era. The simplicity yet superlative action of this exotic herb is almost unbelievable. From the common need for a supplementary plant protein to an all rounder source of nutrition, hemp is an important connection to the modern diet. The utility of hemp is far beyond its primitive aspect, people have started to look up to hemp as much more than a plant with hallucinating action. Among the many medicinal/industrial plants, one specific plant that has been the boom in recent years for its exceptional qualities is Hemp.

What is Hemp??

Among the many medicinal/industrial plants, one specific plant that has been the boom in recent years for its exceptional qualities is Hemp.

Hemp seeds have long been a staple of our colorful culture. From the ancient Egyptians to the Harappan civilizations, the use of hemp in many forms has been identified by archaeologists.

The seeds of hemp or Vijaya as understood in Sanskrit, are potent with several nutritive potentials. It is heavy with a sweet flavor and with the same sweet metabolic end effect, it has an upper hand in alleviating the aggravated Vata entity. Its grinding action soothes nerves and has a slight calming effect on the cardiovascular system. It has been discovered that, in addition to optimizing Vata entities, it also equalizes Pitta entities.

hemp leaf

Environmental benefits of Hemp: What is hemp used for?


One notable feature of hemp’s constitution is its high concentration of plant protein. Many vegans and vegetarians are protein-deficient, with plant protein supplies mostly limited to pulses. Hemp, on the other hand, provides the similar amount, if not substantially more, as meat. This is hemp’s distinguishing feature, mainly in terms of muscular development and progression. The protein concentration of plant meals is controlled by cultivator, environment, and processing grade, which explains the differences between research.

Hemp as food
  • Recent research in this field has revealed that hemp is an excellent source of plant protein and is also easy to digest.
  • It is also a good source of all macro and micro nutrients.
  • Also a good source of dietary fibre.

Hemp is rich in dietary fibre, omega 3 fatty acids and other essential amino acids.


Apart from these, Hemp is a potent source of plant protein, Omega 3 fatty acids, and essential amino acids. It also serves a portion of carbohydrates with essential vitamins and minerals. Research conducted about the efficacy of hemp has shown exceptional results. Being almost a source of complete nutrition, it not only diminishes the occurrence of the disease and its pathogenicity but also improves immunity and eliminates the root cause of the same (1). Hemp is actively used in many medications for its exceptional power to normalize the sleep-wake cycle, reduce the accumulation of Vata in the body and enrich the digestive mechanism.  

Muscle and joint pain oil

Hemp is potent with phytoconstituents that helps to optimize the level of anxiety and stress. Sort from these Hemp hearts can be used as the ideal medication for heart abnormalities. It also helps to fight compromised immune conditions and even autoimmune diseases. These actions help to normalize the innate entities and thus act as a suitable medicine.


The cold-pressed hemp seed oil is a great source of essential amino acids that aid in skin optimacy. It helps to maintain the structure, texture, plumpness, hydration ratio, and softness of the skin without compromising on its nutritional aspect. Hemp is also widely used in face wash, serum, moisturizers, and hydration oils that enhance skin quality.

Hemp is a good option as an effective natural moisturizer that helps to enhance the innate glow of your skin. Hemp seed oil also helps to maintain the hydration coefficient and thus ensures the gradual reduction in pigmented blotches and other skin lesions. Its antimicrobial action helps to enhance the natural skin defense system while eliminating the occurrences of acne and pimples.

(Our Affordable Bodycare Line)

Imroz is a body care focused line by Ananta Hemp Works. Our products use mostly natural ingredients and are cruelty-free. What makes Imroz a perfect choice is we are not only affordable, we are also providing body & skin care with the wonder herb, hemp in it.


  • Sunscreen SPF 30+ with Hemp Seed Oil : Sunscreen protects skin from sun damage while also lightening dark spots caused by sun exposure. Hemp seed oil also moisturizes the skin and promotes cell regeneration.
  • Kumkumadi Face Wash with Hemp Seed Oil : The main ingredients in this Ayurvedic-inspired formulation are hemp seed oil and kumkumadi. Hemp seed oil is a superfood for your skin because it is high in vitamin E and has a golden ratio of omega 3 and 6. Kumkumadi is a saffron oil formulation that promotes a glowing complexion, evens out skin tone, and aids in cell regeneration, resulting in youthful skin with regular use.
  • Bhringraj Hair Oil with Hemp Seed Oil : Bhringraj hair oil promotes hair growth by increasing the blood flow to the roots and helps in fighting hair fall with regular use. Combined with hemp seed oil, this magical concoction based on Ayurvedic formulation is the perfect remedy for soft, shiny, and thick hair.
  • Rosehip oil Face Cream with Hemp Seed Oil : Hemp Face Cream is specially formulated to absorb quickly and is highly moisturising while being non-sticky. This extremely hydrating formula uses hemp seed oil, which promotes collagen
    production, slows down aging, causes cell regeneration and leads to younger looking skin. It is Suitable for all skin types and genders.
  • Kakadu Plum Vitamin C Face Serum with Hemp Seed Oil : A power packed elixir with hemp seed oil that promotes cell regeneration and perfect nourishment. Rich in omega 3 and 6, along with Vitamin E and Vitamin C, it boosts the natural glow and reduces pigmentation. Kakadu Plum inhibits melanogenesis. It helps to reduce coloured pigmentation, promoting even skin.
  • Papaya Face Wash with Hemp Seed Oil : A magical concoction packed with the goodness of Papaya and Hemp Seed Oil, perfect to achieve that ethereal glass-skin. Papaya is packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that help in creating blemish-free, fresh-looking skin.


Hemp is essentially nature’s cleanser. The plant absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, quickly purifying the air humans breathe. In fact, for every tonne of hemp grown, 1.63 tonnes of carbon are taken from the atmosphere, making hemp a significantly more effective carbon dioxide sequester than trees.


Hemp’s popularity as a material for clothing, and rope, originates back in the 8th century. Since it grows swiftly, organically, and with a higher yield, it has quickly been identified to have a plethora of uses. In reality, evidence of hemp use as the primary fabric used in the maritime fabrication of rope and sails can be found as far back as 8000 BC.


The usage of “hempcrete,” a binding mixture comprising the core of hemp stalks and limestone, has brought hemp’s sustainability in-house, with homes insulated with hempcrete emitting far less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than conventional concrete. This was also a method adopted during the early medieval era.


Hemp grows abundantly, making it a highly efficient feedstock for producing bioplastics, or sustainable plastics. They are light, biodegradable, and can be used to replace numerous petrochemical plastics.
Currently, the commercial availability of hemp plastic products is fairly limited, owing to global prohibitions on the cultivation of industrial hemp.
Thus hemp is the most suitable, sustainable, and natural alternative to sustainable living that you can access in the most simple ways by incorporating this wonder herb into your diet.


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