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Vol No. 1 | December 8th, 2021


FSSAI brings a revolutionary turning point for authentic hemp industries in India.

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With the latest modifications on the regulations of food processing led by the Food Safety Standard Authority of India, notification released recently in November 2021, we can experience a new wave of remarkable products featuring hemp not merely as Ayurvedic remedies, but as a potential dietary supplement. As per the notification “hemp seed, seed flour and seed oil may be sold as food or used as an ingredient for sale subject to confirming standards”.

With this milestone achievement, India’s emerging hemp and Cannabis sectors are prepared to hit the market with a boom, for hemp may be sold as a certified  food source.

For all of these years, Hemp has been mostly barred from the main market as a potential threat as a vast majority has only seen various myths, taboos and misconceptions associated with hemp. They have been considering hemp only as a drug for recreational purposes and only a minor section in our social strata knows hemp as a superfood with a wide range of benefits, and that it  encompasses a huge scope of practice as a plant based medicine. However, the new FSSAI notification recognises hemp’s nutritional value as a food source rather than only a herb utilized in addictive recreational activities.

Welcoming the FSSAI norms for hemp as a food, the founder of Ananta Hemp Works Mr. Abhinav Bhaskar said “With extended support from the government, we are expecting the industry to flourish and capture  a major chunk in the market in the coming years”. Ananta’s mission is to provide everyone with plant-based nourishment and chemical-free products in a clean and sustainable manner. This achievement from India’s food safety authorities is a long-awaited procurement across the country.

Vijaya, the Sanskrit term for Cannabis sativa, a drug of  herbal origin used extensively in Ayurveda for it’s infinite possibilities to help cure many ailments when administered in the right way. It is capable of harmonizing all bodily entities and doing justice to any system in question. Hopefully, more industries will invest in the market in the coming years, resulting in better availability across the food business, providing customers with a wider range of health items.


Ayurveda, the science of life, gives much importance to food and nutrition as it is considered as one among the three pillars that support life. Other than just growth and developmental benefits, the food consumed also influences the doshic status in the body, corresponding to the predominant tastes one prefers in their diet.

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The six tastes indicated in Ayurvedic texts impact body entities according to Panchamahabhuta similarities, in which each bodily entity is composed of five earthy components. Ayurveda also emphasizes the significance of adhering to precise daily and seasonal regimens in order to normalize physiological abrasions in the doshas and their associated functions.

Ayurveda achieves it’s mystic results by the righteous usage of some magical herbs who’s qualities ensure a whole person centric approach to the patient. One such truly magical herb is Hemp.

While sweet flavor favors the Kapha entity, astringent helps the same entity to attain it’s normalcy. The same concept is applicable to all the three entities in light with different flavor combinations. But their level of action in the body is not merely correlated on the Taste but on its potency, metabolic end effect and some special effects shown by it , be it on a medicinal level or as a daily intake with our routine diet.


We at Ananta Hemp Works, focus on bringing the highest quality lifestyle, wellness and all plant nutrition based products to its valued customers to expand the range of this miracle herb. We focus on establishing a retail brand of lifestyle products that feature hemp seed oil as one of its main components for it has stunning effects in optimizing the body and mind in all shobers of optimal health.

Food and Nutrition is often held up too lightly without understanding the extent of mechanisms it’s normalcy initiates within the body. As nutritional quality maintains the quality of life in general, it’s time you think of your possibilities.

Hemp seeds have been a part of our rich culture for centuries. Hemp seed has an upper hand in nutrition as well for it is a rich source for essential fats, proteins, carbohydrates and other major and minor minerals. There is no denying the fact that hemp seeds are the most versatile,  nutrient rich and loud source of all needed nutrients for the body.

Heavily potent hemp seeds are wonderful substitutes for protein,  essential fatty acids and other nutritional values found in meat and other dairy products. For those who want to switch “all vegetarian”, hemp is undoubtedly meant for them. Recently hemp has been found to contain Levels of trace minerals like, Iron, Vitamin E, Manganese, Magnesium, Vitamin B, Zinc with Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. Being a substance from plant origin, it is a wonder for all the minerals it fosters.

Inculcating hemp in your daily diet will have revolutionary effects on all systemic metabolism including digestion, good cardiovascular mechanism, glowing skin, healthy brain functioning,  weight loss due to surge in general metabolism and overall muscle enhancement.

We here at Ananta hemp works https://hempworks.in/ are most careful while sourcing the raw material and manufacturing the product of the nutrition range along with personal care and wellness medicines. All our hemp products are made with utter care from the hemp seed oil to hemp flour and much more, to keep it’s nutritional benefit intact and to provide to our customers the best benefits of the same.

Ananta Hemp Works

Ananta aims to set off on a revolutionary journey that aims to uplift the health of individuals by providing natural plant based products alongside combining the superpowers of the miraculously effective herb, Hemp by incorporating the goodness of authentic Ayurveda.

Dr. Preeti Bhosle
(Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery)

Dr. Preeti Bhosle takes pride in introducing Ayurveda with knowledge gathered from experienced doctors around India from different top institutions like All India Institute of Medical Sciences, All India Institute of Ayurveda, Patanjali Yogpeeth, MSM Institute of Ayurveda, Choudhary Brahm Prakash Ayurveda Charak Sansthan. With a perfect combination of the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda with the modern research and development in this segment.

“Patient Testimonial”

When you are used to getting compliments for healthy and lustrous hair, it does become a cause of worry when your hair starts losing its glory. This is what happened after I started noticing hair on my pillow every day when I woke up, also I realised that my hair is losing its shine. I started taking supplements and multivitamins on my own but it didn’t really work that well. But all my worries were taken aback when I started my treatment. Dr. Preeti was very friendly and one hour of talk before prescribing the commencement of the treatment itself gave me a boost. She didn’t prescribe too much of medications rather emphasised on good nutrition as per by ayurvedic body constitution. She prescribed hemp seed powder twice in a day with a few other herbs. Also she advised me to take hemp seed oil with food and she prepared a cocktail of some essential oils with hemp seed oil to be applied on scalp and hair. “After treatment and following the diet plans, now I have better hair health and a healthy body”

Before treatment: Unexplained hair fall with hair losing its usual shine with each passing day. Treatment: 21-day treatment.
After treatment: The hair regained their strength and shine with a healthy body.

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