Bid Farewell to Your Sleepless Nights: Insomnia and Ayurveda

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Vol No. 2 | January 10th 2022




If you have experienced it, then you know it! Waking up grumpy with a heavy head and that constant feeling of dizziness! The totally upset mind with sleep hanging over your head. It’s sad or rather scary that all this occurs with a single sleep compromised night. But for those in the constant struggle to get a dose of deep optimum sleep for ages, the pestering signs are much worse. It is understood that almost one-third of the population has trouble falling asleep, it can be as simple as not being able to fall asleep to constant waking and restless nights.

Sleep may be compromised for a variety of reasons. Most often the pills of tension you pop are the common villain while Physical illness, chronic stress, cognitive dysfunctions are to blame for some others. Regardless of their origin, sleeplessness is hard on our bodies and very difficult to manage and cope up with. With sleep getting deprived, our judgments are painfully impaired and we are taxed both physically and mentally. And unfortunately, the fear itself of not being able to sleep further inhibits our capability to fall asleep.


According to the science of Ayurveda, sleep is one among Triyopastamba or the three pillars that support life. So just as an unstable pillar wobbles an entire building so does improper sleep hamper the entire body mechanism. Hence, the importance of rightful sleep and methods to normalize ineffective sleep are prime considerations in Ayurveda. In terms of our general wellbeing, sleep is just as important as food since it is necessary for both perceptual and behavioral performance.

Sleep is of seven types in Ayurveda, our daily sleep or Ratri Swabhava  Nidra is said to protect our well-being like that of our mother. So the loss of  this normal sleep disrupts the entire bodily mechanism. While mentally Tama Guna helps to attain sleep, impaired Vata or  Pitta entities may be responsible for sleep disturbances. Pitta typically inhibits our ability to fall asleep while Vata tends to wake up amidst you slumber. Whether triggered by Vata, pitta, or a combination of all three, the Ayurvedic response to regulating insomnia has been mostly focused on facilitating the system in restoring balance by countering any sleep interrupting factors with their opposites.

Embracing a daily routine that awakens our natural biological rhythms and  lowering tension and anxiety in the mind and body are all approaches to  ground the mind by accentuating the substantial, sluggish and stable traits  in ways that favor sleep are simple yet mystic ways to power up your sleep  loss. It is also important to tend to Agni or your digestive power, which is the  root for homeostasis under the Ayurvedic perspective.


Here at Ananta Hemp Works, we have incorporated the goodness of hemp in suitable ayurvedic formulations that will help to cope up with your sleep fluctuations.

cannaease sleep well


This mystic combination of Vijaya leaf extract and hemp seed oil is formulated to calm your nerves, ease your tension and go easy on the cognitive aspect to foster your sleep. While it manages stress and anxiety it helps to improve the quality of sleep and improve overall conditions of insomnia. While it lowers your incidence of insomnia it also has pain- relieving and anti-inflammatory properties.

*To be taken only under medical supervision of an Ayurvedic doctor.


The most common lifestyle issue is anxiety but with the effective use of this formulation you can soon shovel it out. A perfect combo of hemp leaf extract and hemp seed power, this Is a remarkable equation for sleeplessness and is sure to balance your Vata and Pitta entities leading to your perfect slumber. While it improves insomnia and tackles anxiety this formulation is also used in cases of pain, inflammation and arthritis.

*To be taken only under medical supervision of an Ayurvedic doctor.



Ananta has successfully organised several online and offline CME’s in the year 2021 in Delhi with doctors from Delhi NCR and neighbouring states. Also conducting virtual weekly sessions in the name “Ananta Sambhasha” helping doctors get credible information on practise of medical cannabis.

Under the aegis of Dr Piyush Juneja, Medical Advisor to Ananta Hemp Works and Founder of IndianVaidyas Platform, doctors are gaining more knowledge in the practice.

The myths and misunderstandings around hemp are finally taking a backseat as Dr Piyush Juneja accompanied by Dr Preeti Bhosle and a few other doctors share in detail, quality information from credible sources and case studies at our online and offline Continuing Medical Education sessions.

Ananta is looking forward to take these online as well as offline sessions on a national level in 2022, get more and more ayurvedic doctors on board and grow this industry along with the ayurvedic community of doctors in India.


Ananta aims to carry out clinical trials in two phases with medicines catering to four primary ailments. Ananta’s medicinal range of products are listed under the sub brand name CannaEase on the website.

Phase 1
CannaEase Sleepwell for Insomnia and CannaEase Pain Management Oil for Arthritis.

Phase 2
CannaEase Repair & Restore for Menstrual Pain and CannaEase Proprietary Medicine for Epilepsy.

Clinical trial of CannaEase SleepWell has already begun through a private clinic to test its efficacy, create study material and is expected to be concluded by April-May 2022. Rest of the three clinical trials shall also be initiated soon.


To enhance the reach of this wonder herb, we at Ananta focus on offering excellent lifestyle, wellness, and all plant based nutritional Products to our consumers. We aim to build a brand of lifestyle products using hemp plant as one of the ingredients because os its remarkable benefits on the body and mind for optimal health.

For ages, hemp seeds have been a cornerstone of our vibrant culture. Hemp seed also offers a nutritional advantage since it is high in necessary fats, proteins, carbs, and other primary and secondary minerals. Hemp seeds are without a doubt the most varied, nutrient-dense and robust source of all essential nutrients for the body. Hemp provides a revolutionary impact on all systemic metabolism, including digestion, sound cardiovascular mechanism, glowing skin and overall muscular enhancement if you consider including this in your daily diet.




Vijaya Leaf extract is effective in conditions like anxiety and insomnia. Anxiety is usually a causative factor of calling bad sleep due to the aggravation of Vata caused by stress and anxiety. In my practice I see many patients living in metro cities who are suffering from work related and relationship stress due to where their sleep gets ham- pered rendering to low energy levels, body-ache, emotional eating disorders and mood swings.

With the use of Cannease range of medicine and with other Ayurvedic intervention we were able to treat an 85 year old male patient with Hypertension, arthritis and sleep issues which really helped him get a good sleep within 6-7 days, he was also suffering from post surgical pain after his knee replacement. His quality of sleep improved and he didn’t wake up frequently during the night like he used to. He had better energy levels and he even felt calmer and relaxed after consuming the CannaEase medicine that I prescribed for 2 months now.


From the Clinic of Dr. Mariya Parvez


Delhi, November 4 

Remarkable! I must say that I got my precious sleep back and bye-bye to all those sleepless nights, All thanks to the team of Ananta Hemp Works, who supported me in this journey. I came here with chronic sleep deprivation that had tormented my entire behavior and elevated my hypertension. With my age and recent knee replacement surgery, the pain made it even worse to attain a good night’s sleep.

Before treatment:

High rates of hypertension and insomnia. Unbearable post-surgery pain in the knee joint.


Outpatient treatment for a few months.

After Treatment:

Blood pressure stabilized. Recover from post-surgery trauma. Felt calmer and much relaxed within 6-7 days with improved sleep quality.



Dr. Gagan Kaur

Careheal Humanity Institute, a center for training, treatment and research in Acutherapy with its aim of Healing and Teaching with Care’, have the expertise, tools and resources to unleash everyone’s capacity to remain healthy. Ananta Hemp Works is a hemp based brand that has its roots in Ayurveda. Our main reason to collaborate with them was the coinciding thoughts and motives we both share together. They want to take hemp’s richness and ayurveda to people to help them live happy, comfortable and healthy lives, leaving the path of hard medicines and commercial treatments towards adopting a natural way to treat lifestyle disorders.

We are happy to partner with them and embark on this journey together  towards making efforts to make Earth a better place to live for all. Natural  science aids and helps one to heal one’s issues, disorders or problems with  techniques written in ancient books and scriptures, expert vaidyas as well as  proven scientific acupressure points in one’s body along with magnet Acuther-  apy, yoga color and seed therapy, chakra healing and many more.

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