The Abhyanga: Massage Therapy with Hemp Seed Oil

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Vol No. 6 | May 16th 2022




Have you been troubled with constant skin irritations? Do you want to regain your glow with the power of nature? Are you on the lookout for that remedy that calms you from inside out?

Ayurveda with its power of Abhyanga with the goodness of hemp can help you with all that!

From dry patchy skin to the load of tensions that you handle, the body is constantly facing its aftermaths in the form of various disease formations. Ayurveda emphasizes the vitality of Abhyanga or external massage for uplifting this sheet of vitiated entities situated externally to facilitate deeper rejuvenation and thus all-around wellness.

Many of us often envision a lavish shiatsu massage intended for special occasions when we hear the term massage. Ayurveda, on the other hand, recommends Abhyanga or oil massage as a daily regime. Oil massage may appear to be a laborious procedure, but massage with oil becomes second nature and is very well worth the effort.

Both “oil” and “love” are possible translations of the Sanskrit word Sneha. So, according to Ayurveda, immersing the body in oil and engulfing it in love are inextricably linked. Both can leave you with a great sense of security, warmth, and comfort. Sneha, which means “oil and affection,” is sukshma, or “delicate.” This enables it to flow via tiny pathways in the body and reach deep tissue elements or dhatus.


Abhyanga can be done as a preparatory procedure for panchakarma therapies or as a single therapy on its own. Abhyanga is mentioned as a key content in Swastha Vritham that aims to maintain the health of the healthy when practiced daily. When this simple technique is complemented with the goodness of hemp seed oil, Abhyanga enhances overall metabolism.


Although overall body metabolism is regularized, the chief benefits of hemp seed oil massage are as follows:

  • The health of the musculoskeletal and neurological systems is improved
  • Circulation and lymph drainage are enhanced
  • Improved sleeping habits
  • Skin that is softer and more resilient
  • Improved vision and other sense faculties
  • Graceful aging
  • A natural shine to hair
  • Firm and sturdy body parts
  • Enhanced tone and vigor for all tissues
  • Prolonged life expectancy
  • A source of nutrition for the entire body


Abhyanga is a general umbrella term used for external oil applications. Based on the severity of the condition and the doshic status, Ayurveda advocates the use of specific methods of massage for better results

  1. Samvahana: a pleasant form of massage of feet wherein the muscles are squeezed rhythmically. This method is mostly done in the evening or at night, helping the person to get good sleep. It regulates the content of the Vata and Kapha entities.
  2. Mardana: Massing with more pressure after anointing the body with oil is called mardana. Here the muscle is manipulated for improving figure and strength. It is well-advised in diseases of the locomotor system.
  3. Unmardana: Often called pucking massage, is a method of pulling or stimulating the muscles with the hand after the application of oil.
  4. Utsadana: This method is mostly used in females and has more cosmetology action. Here a paste of medicinal herbs is applied and massaged with oil, that aids in complexion and skin texture.
  5. Padaghata: A typical type of massage done with the sole of the food, so there will be more pressure than any other form of massage. It is mainly used in Kapha and Vata ailments and also for deep muscle stimulation
abhyanga oil massage


This is a completely different procedure adopted for body massage using a blend of dry herbal powders as the medium. Often to reduce the irritation on sensitive skin it is mixed with other oil solvents and then applied. It is mainly indicative in:

  • Cosmetology as a method of exfoliation
  • Methods to reduce the accumulation of Kapha on skin
  • Enhance general metabolism
  • Helps reduce fat accumulation
  • Can be used as a method of depilation


When it comes to experiencing the nourishing advantages of abhyanga daily, there is a more accessible option to professional massage therapy massaging oneself. But with our constant battles for survival, we don’t have enough time or patience for self-care.

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp Sativa oil is a naturally potent oil extracted from hemp seeds that are rich in essential fatty acids. While it can be used internally, it can also be used for gentle external body massage that improves skin texture and general body circulation. It helps to achieve hormonal balance.

muscle and joint cannabis oil

Muscle and Joint Pain Management Oil

This combination of Vijaya leaf extract oil and hemp seed oil has a miraculous effect on the joint and helps to reduce the soreness and sleeping associated with joints. It relaxes the muscles and eases tension over the affected site. A gentle rub over the affected area can also facilitate better movement.

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