Hemp, Sustainability and Climate Change

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by Ananta Hemp Works

Vol No. 16 | March 10th 2023


Surfing through social media and web pages for some climate change remedies? Stuck in the traffic with various DIY, Natural and Chemical remedies? Check out Hemp’s shortcut!

hemp and sustainability

Ritu Sandhi is exemplified in Ayurvedic literature as the best sustainable method to use during season transition. The transition from foggy winter to draining summer is so strong that many of us are unaware of the abrupt changes that occur within us. Some of the most common complaints are hair loss, skin damage, dehydration, uneven skin tone, acne, and digestive and urinary diseases. Changing your diet and taking supplements may provide temporary relief and solutions for a month or two. But then what?

How Hemp has a role in sustainability and climate change

The environment is an important factor in human and animal survival. Increased use of nonrenewable resources and pollution have resulted in significant environmental degradation. Resource extraction and monetization have had a negative impact on the ecosystem. Though the fight against climate change appears to be a losing battle, certain human-initiated measures and steps can have a larger impact on the battle for survival. Along with afforestation, the RRR principle, and a zero-waste lifestyle, sustainable resources can be used to produce daily-use commodities.

Hemp is one such environmentally friendly resource. An easy-growing, low maintenance plant that draws carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by pulling toxic dirt from the soil via its roots and leaves. Every part of the plant, once grown, is highly efficient and useful, such as hemp seeds as protein resources, woven cloths, papers, and so on.

climate change

Due to its carbon-sequestering ability, higher biomass production, and diverse end-use products, industrial hemp has emerged as a highly successful commercial crop. Researchers believe it can be used successfully as a cover crop because it can remediate contaminated soils via phytoremediation and is pesticide-free. Even hemp residues can act as botanical insecticides, miticides, and nematode and pathogenic fungi inhibitors. It can replenish soil by killing and displacing other small crops or weeds, as well as absorbing heavy metals from soils.

Hemp grows quickly, reaching heights of up to 13 feet in just 100 days, making it one of the most efficient carbon-conversion solutions available.

Hemp absorbs more CO2 per hectare than any other commercial crop and can be grown on a massive scale in nutrient-depleted soils with little water or fertiliser. It’s also impressive because hemp can be grown on existing farms and included in crop rotations, regenerating depleted soil and increasing yields. 

Hemp can save Earth

Ananta Hemp Works

If you want to reap the benefits of this miracle crop, we can help. To get the most out of each part of the plant, Ananta sources premium-quality hemp from the Himalayas. Here are some of the benefits derived from Ananta’s products:

  • Promotes heart health
  • Helps Improve the digestive health
  • Complete Plant Protein
  • Helps Relieve Insomnia
  • Aids Weight Management
  • Helps Regulate Hormones
  • Alleviates & Nourishes Skin
  • Naturally Occurring Omega 3 & 6
  • High Source of Protein, Fiber, Vitamin E & Minerals

Because climate change is a whole-effect phenomenon, it can affect every living being in a variety of ways, and thus Ananta incorporates a wide range of products for your internal and external quandaries. Wellness, Nutrition, Pet Wellness, and so on. From cold-pressed oils for personal health to pet skin repair products, there’s something for everyone.

As a result, Ananta’s products assists with skin eruptions, hair loss, a lack of strength and immunity, and a variety of other lifestyle issues. Allow Hemp to become a part of your daily routine through Ananta.

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